Terminology of Heaven's Tower



Adventurer : Adventurers are people with statuses that explore the Dungeon below Babel. Low Level Adventurers are Level 1 adventurers while High Level Adventurers are adventurers at Level 2 and above. Starting at Level 2, adventurers are sometimes called by different classes. Level 2 adventurers are Third Class, Level 3 and 4 adventurers are Second Class, and Level 5 and above adventurers are First Class.

Alias : An alias is a second name given to all adventurers by the Gods once they reach Level 2. An alias can change every time an adventurer levels up.

Supporter : Supporters are people that explore the Dungeon along with Adventurers. They carry many things ranging from magic stones dropped from monsters to spare weapons and items. New Familia members can serve as Supporters to older Familia members to gain experience in the Dungeon. In some cases, members of a Familia may serve as Supporters to the more experienced members.


Familia : Familia are made up of adventurers and supporters headed by a God or Goddess. They are named after the God or Goddess in charge, such as Hestia being the head of the Hestia Familia. Most Familia are exploration type Familia, although there are other types such as Business type, Industrial type, Medicinal type, and even Nation type. Each Familia is given a rank ranging from I to S based on size and achievements. The yearly tax amount the Guild requests is greater the higher the rank.

God/Goddess : The Gods and Goddesses came down to the lower world from Heaven 1000 years ago. Some Gods and Goddesses were around since then, and some only recently came down. They are forbidden to use their powers, known as Arcanum, and have the same physical abilities as normal people. If they break this rule, they are forcibly sent back to Heaven. Gods and Goddesses with large Familia can live at ease while Gods and Goddesses from small Familia such as Hestia, Miach, and Takemikazuchi work themselves to earn money. The number of Gods and Goddesses in Heaven has become so small that the remaining Gods and Goddesses work non stop to guide the souls of the dead.

Falna : Falna is the grace given by Gods and Goddesses to their Familia members. Adventurers and Supporters can gather exilia to raise their status and grow stronger. The Gods and Goddesses gave the Falna to adventurers to bring forth heroes. The first God to bring forth the Falna was Ouranos.

Guild : See Guild.

Denatus : The Denatus is a meeting of the Gods held once every three months. Many things are discussed and aliases are given to adventurers that ranked up.

War Game : A War Game is a battle between Familia with set rules. The Gods and Goddesses use their Familia members to express their will, similar to a proxy war between the Gods and Goddesses. The Denatus is used to set rules, decide what the War Game will have, and set the conditions for the winner. The God or Goddess that loses in a War Game must obey the request of the winning God or Goddess without question. Various types of War Game include Single Combat, Siege, and various others.

Conversion : Conversions happen when a person switches from one Familia to another. Once a person switches Familia, they must wait a year before switching back or switching to a different Familia.

Mission : Missions are quest like orders given out by the Guild. The Familia that receive them must do as written.

Casino : Casinos are facilities that are extraterritorial, first created when the Guild gave into Gods wanting entertainment facilities. Working with outside organizations, entertainment facilities were created in the Entertainment District. Problems caused in the casinos can become international problems as they are run by the outside organizations and so they are guarded by the Ganesha Familia.

Theater : Theaters were the second location created along with casinos. Like casinos, theaters are extraterritorial and are operated by the outside organizations.



Status : The Status is the Falna set as various parameters. The status is made up from Basic Abilities, Development Abilities, Magic, Skills, and the overall Level.

Level : A level shows the rank of an adventurer. The status of an adventurer is considered to be secret information but the level of an adventurer is required to be reported and is shown to others. Most adventurers are Level 1, and currently the only Level 7 is Ottar of the Freya Familia. Just defeating monsters doesn’t lead to a level up. To level up, one must have a D rank in at least one Basic Ability and accomplish something that even the Gods would be impressed of, such as defeating a stronger monster. Leveling up is hard to do outside of Orario due to the only Dungeon being located there, and Level 3 outside of Orario is considered to be excellent.

Basic Abilities : The Basic Abitities are Power, Endurance, Dexterity, Agility, and Magic. Each one is shown with a rank and a number from 0-999. 0-99 is I, 100-199 is H, 200-299 is G, 300-399 is F, 400-499 is E, 500-599 is D, 600-699 is C, 700-799 is B, 800-899 is A, and 900-999 is S. Basic Abilities can be raised through excilia gained from training and battles. Basic Abilities reset to I0 at every level up although the abilities gained before each level up will remain as an invisible base. It is normally impossible to go past S rank, though Bell Cranel has done this through Realis Phrase, having had statuses at SS and SSS rank.

Development Abilities : Development Abilities are different from Basic Abilities in the sense that they are characteristics specializing in a certain area. Starting from Level 2, there is a chance of gaining one every level up. There is also the chance of one not appearing at level up, or multiple appearing to choose from. Bell’s Luck, Aiz’s Swordsmanship, Abnormal Endurance, and Hunter, Welf’s Blacksmith, and Riveria’s Mage are examples of choosing from multiple Development Abilities. Like Basic Abilities, Development Abilities are also categorized from I to S, though they are much harder to train.


Magic : is the main form of combat utilized by mages and by those who have manifested it in their Falna.

Concurrent Chanting : A high level technique, casting magic while fighting or moving around. Its difficulty is likened to running through a river of fire with a barrel of gunpowder in one hand. Lefiya observed that Ryuu Lion was far more skilled at it than Riveria. Currently, only Riveria, Filvis, Lefiya, Ryuu, and Fels are shown to be able to use it.

Chant Connect : A technique that only Riveria Ljos Alf is able to use. Chant Connect enables her to raise the power of her magic through connecting the chant. Through this she is able to use nine magic, which is the source of her alias Nine Hell.

Ignis Fatuus : An Ignis Fatuus occurs when one can’t control the magical power when using magic and self destructs after letting it go out of control.

Skill : Skills are inherent abilities that can be discovered by those that have received the Falna. Skills correct and strengthen specific Basic Abilities, Magic, and actions. The chance of discovering a Skill is said to be rare, and Skills with effects that no one else has are considered to be Rare Skills. Bell’s Realis Phrase and Argonaut are examples of Rare Skills. Skills can be discovered during a level up or during other times.

Beastification : Beastification is a process only a certain amount of Beast Humans have been seen using, enabling them to unleash their wild instinct and power, or in other words growing stronger by becoming violent. The trigger for a Werewolf to beastify is by being under moonlight and all Werewolves are known to have the associated skill.


Heaven’s Tower

Monster : Monsters are born from the Dungeon. They are born from the walls and ceilings of the Dungeon and fight adventurers. They are the enemies of the people and will attack without any warning. Monsters appeared from the Dungeon even before the Gods and Goddesses came from Heaven and some still live on the surface in various places. Monsters on the surface use the power of their Magic Stone to multiply, and so those on the surface are far weaker than the same ones inside the Dungeon.

Monster Rex : The Monster Rex is an especially powerful monster that only appear on certain floors. The stronger the Monster Rex, the longer it takes for it to appear again.

Landform or Nature Weapon : Things in the Dungeon that monsters are able to use as weapons.

Pantry : Certain rooms on a floor where monsters gather to eat. It contains a huge quartz pillar that secretes a substance which monsters enjoy. The pantries on the 7th and 20th floors use green quartz while the pantry on the 24th floor uses red quartz.

Plant : Plants are Pantries that have been taken over by Viscum and were producing Violas. The purpose of this was to produce countless numbers of deep floor Monsters and then take them to the surface. As both Plants on the 24th and 30th Floors were destroyed, there are no longer any Plants that exist.

Unexplored Area : Unexplored Areas are places that aren’t listed on the maps of the various Dungeon floors.

Xenos’ Hidden Village : Xenos’ Hidden Village are certain Unexplored Areas that the Xenos use to protect themselves from other Monsters and adventurers while searching for other Xenos.

Man Made Dungeon Knossos : More commonly known as Knossos , is an artificial underground labyrinth which connects the Heaven’s Tower and the Daedalus Street, effectively serving as a second entrance to the dungeon.



Magic Stone : Magic Stones are the core of monsters and are always located in the chest area of the monster. Adventurers and Supporters gather magic stones to trade them in for currency at the Guild. Magic Stones have magical power in them that can be used for things such as lighting, water purification, cooking stoves, refrigerators, and other things. If one breaks the Magic Stone while in the monster, the monster immediately dies.

Terminology of Heaven's Tower

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