Heaven's Tower



The Dungeon is seemingly alive, spawning monsters from walls and ceilings and repairing itself on its own. While the upper floors can be soloed or done with a pair, starting from the middle floors one must create a party or risk death.

The dungeon is vast with the floors becoming progressive larger the deeper it gets. It takes at least five days for a party to reach the 50th floor.



The entrance to the Dungeon is on the first underground floor of Babel. In the center of the room is a ten meter long hole that leads straight into the Dungeon. Within the circular room are multiple columns at equal intervals and above is a beautiful azure painting of the sky that resembles the real sky. Along the circle are gentle stairs that spiral down into the Dungeon.

Upper Floors

1st-4th Floor

The walls are light blue colored, and the monsters that appear are Goblins or Kobolds. There is also a wide hallway on the 1st Floor known as the Beginning Road.

Heaven's Tower

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