The world of Telduria was once a nation of constant war. Their was once two factions that were at constant war with each other. One was the faction known as The Black Company and the other was The Knights Light.


They both had opposing views and because of that they were at war which threatened the worlds stability but unknown to them there was a secret faction behind the scenes which wanted to wipe both of the factions out as well as the world and in doing so they released the sealed Dragon God Bahamut. But the secret group couldn’t control Bahamut and the dragon god ended up destroying everything in his wake as well as scorching the earth and unleashing the Demon god Carkahn before disappearing in a ball of light. This event is known as the third calamity of the known era.


Now Telduria is inhabited by the remains of the two great factions and since that tragedy they have split up into multiple houses and groups. Most of them still feel the call to revive their great faction a conquer the nation. But since the Demon God Carkahn was released they are to busy trying to stop his demon hoards from taking over the nation and devouring everything.


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