SEX – Submissions for Extra XP


SEX stands for S-ubmissions for E-xtra X-P.

It doesn’t mean anything else.

SEX is a means to earn additional XP awards out-of-game by submitting extra creative elements to flesh out your characters’ story, or otherwise contributing to or enriching the campaign through your additional investment in it. As noted elsewhere, any XP awards earned by any player in the group are given to each player equally. If you earn a 500 XP award due to a SEX opportunity, then everyone in the group gets 500 XP, not just you. However, as is the case with all miscellaneous XP awards in this game, whether in-game or out-of-game, the specific player who generates the award will also receive one or more Fate Points, in addition to the XP award given to everyone. So, everybody wins when you participate in SEX, but you win even more.

There are many possible opportunities for SEX. In every case, the amount of XP and Fate Points awarded will depend upon the quality of the submission, the amount of thought and effort put into it, completeness, and so forth, according to my discretion.

Here are just a few examples of ways to take advantage of SEX:

- Writing answers to the Ten Questions, found here at the Character Background and Concept page.

- Creating twelve Aspects for your character, as described here at the Character Aspects page.

- Choosing a cool and appropriate picture of your character.

- Creating an Obsidian Portal page for your character.

- Writing extra information about your character’s background, concept, personality, appearance, or other flavor elements that flesh out your character and make him more interesting, or tie him more fully to the campaign’s story.

- Writing in-character stories, journal entries, memoirs, retrospectives, descriptions of events in-game, musings, prayers, poems, rituals, speeches, or anything else written by and from the perspective of your character.

- Renaming your powers to fit your character and writing custom narrative text for them.

- Creating any sort of art related to the campaign or its characters.

- Writing short fiction related to the campaign or its characters.

All of the above are fully optional, and merely examples. If you come up with something else creative, it could very well be good for some SEX.

Note that since milestones in this game will be based on XP earned, rather than on number of “encounters”, and that all quest and miscellaneous XP awards count toward this tally, it’s possible to gain milestones prior to play, or between sessions, as a result of SEX. Also, keep in mind that action points are accrued and kept until used, not automatically lost or reset after each extended rest, so extra milestones gained in this way are never “wasted”. Imagine the great benefits if everyone in the group is joining in on the SEX!

I’d really like to see all of you at least do the first four things on the above list. Answer the Questions, create your Aspects, and make your Obsidian Portal character page with a picture. Those are all still optional, but I’m asking you to do them. Everything beyond that is gravy, and I’m not expecting it, but I will surely reward you for it.

Just remember . . . creativity and effort equals very good SEX!


Taken from Black Seas of Infinity Campaign Page.


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